OriPure Single Coil Pickup Alnico 5 Electric Guitar Pickup for Strat,Sweet Sound


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  • High Quality Single Coil Pickup Fit for FD strat style electric guitar parts replacement.
  • Tones features: Mellow, Sweet single-coil sound .
  • They are hand-wound pickups and use alnico 5 magnets.
  • The pickup consist of fiberboard and braided cloth cable, for even more noise reduction.
  • The middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse pole, it is a calibrated set. install it the way you got it. it is wound like that so as to cancel out hum in the notch positions.
  • Fully wax potted and sealed.
  • Each pickup includes screws and springs.
  • Model:PSC-5N/PSC-5M/PSC-5B.
  • Position: Neck /Middle/Bridge Pickup for choose from .
  • Magnet:Alnico 5(V).
  • Pole Pieces:Flat Top Pole Piece.
  • Pole Spacing:52mm.
  • Resistance:6.6K/6.6K/7.3K (Neck/Middle/Bridge).
  • Based on the Frequency Ratio of each pickup: Treble-40%; Middle-30%; Bass-30%.
  • Bobbin:Fiber Plate Bobbin.
  • Cable:Braided Cloth Cable.
  • Note:White & Black Cable Represents Neck Pickup, Blue & Black Cable Represents Middle Pickup ,Yellow & Black Cable Represents Bridge Pickup.
Note: All parameters for reference, the actual may be a bit deviation.The actual effect of tone will be a little different from different guitars or related equipment .

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