FLEOR Push Push Potentiometer Guitar Potentiometer Pot Long Shaft -A250K / B250K /A500K/B500K Available


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  • 100% Brand new and high quality.
  • Push & Push potentiometer,one downward touch does it all,no clutching and fumbling forever,there is no need to pull anymore, just Push & Push and play it, so much easier to use than a push/pull pot.
  • Push-push pot & DPDT switch , with solder terminals.
  • Perfect for electric guitar/bass building,for pickguard/control plate mounting. 
  • Great for custom wiring such as coil tapping, phase, and series/parallel.
  • Long split knurled shaft diameter 1/4" (6mm) , thread shaft diameter 3/8" (9.4mm) , the whole shaft made of copper , durable.
  • Includes washer & mounting nut .
  • Full Resistance: 250K or 500K ohms for choose.
  • A Type(Audio Taper) or B Type (Linear Taper ) for choose.
  • Switch type: D.P.D.T.
  • Shaft : knurl.
  • Split Knurled shaft diameter:approx. 1/4" (6mm) .
  • Thread shaft diameter:approx. 3/8" (9.4mm).
  • Shaft Length: approx.23mm. 
  • Whole Length: approx. 48.5mm. 
  • Base Diameter: approx.17mm. 


    Audio Taper (A) increases or decreases in a sloped curve fashion ; Linear Taper (B) increases or decreases in a linear fashion; Audio Taper (A) are always used as Tone and Linear Taper (B) are always used as Volume, but you can use Audio Taper as Volume and Linear Taper as Tone as well, it usually depends on your personal preference.

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