Alice Electric Bass Strings 4 Strings Set A606(4)-L Steel Core with Nickel Alloy Wound for Bass


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  • This is Electric Bass String, Light Style, fit for 22 to 24 frets Electric Bass Greatly.
  • Condition: Brand New, great looks as the photo shown, the item is 100% as the photo shown.
  • The Guitar Strings are in the material as follows: 4 strings in Steel Core with Nickel Alloy Wound.
  • The string is packaged in the plastic bag as photo shown.
  • G string -1st Nickel Alloy Wound.040"1.02mm.
  • D string -2nd Nickel Alloy Wound.060"1.52mm.
  • A string -3rd Nickel Alloy Wound.075"1.91mm.
  • E string -4th Nickel Alloy Wound.095"2.41mm.
Package Including:
  • 1 String Set

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