Ernie Ball RPS-8 Extra Slinky Reinforced Plain Strings Custom Gauge Guitar Strings Set PO2238

Ernie Ball

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A patented winding of bronze wire is tightly wrapped around the lock twist of the ball end of the plain strings. String slippage and breakage are minimized at the ball end where these most often occur. Plain strings in RPS sets last longer and stay in tune better than conventional plain strings. Ernie Ball's RPS wound strings consists of specific gauges and core to wrap ratios for balanced rich harmonics and that signature Slinky feel. Ernie Ball Slinky gauge combinations that today are industry standard, were pioneered by our founder Ernie Ball more than 50 years ago, shaped the sound of rock music.

  • High quality strings made in USA.
  • Plain strings have bronze reinforcement around the ball.
  • Same nickel plated steel as our most popular electric guitar string alloy.
  • Produces a well balanced tone for your guitar.
  • Model:PO2238.
  • Gauges: 8 11 14 22 30 38
Package Includes:
  • 1 Set Ernie Ball Strings

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