EX EQ7 Mini Guitar Equalizer Effect Pedal 7-Band EQ Effect True Bypass


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  • Brand new mini equalizer pedal with true bypass designed for guitar .
  • 7-band EQ slider, ±15dB adjustable gain range per band, could control your voice easier.
  • 7 frequency centers: 63Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1.0KHz, 2.2KHz, 5KHz.
  • With one slider (level) for adjusting the level of overall output.
  • With True bypass footswitch for switching on and bypass status ,ON/OFF LED for indicating effects or bypass status.
  • Very small and exquisite design with full metal shell.
  • Input: 1/4" monaural jack (impedance 510 k Ohms).
  • Output: 1/4" monaural jack (impedance 1 k Ohms).
  • Power Requirements: AC adapter 9V DC (center minus plug).
  • Current Draw: 10 mA.
Package Include:
  • 1 x EQ7 Effect Pedal (not included adapter )

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