FLEOR Set of NO Mounting Hole SSS Guitar Pickguard & Back Plate & Screws ,10 Colors Available


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  • Set of No Screws Hole Pickguards & Backplates & Screws For FD Strat-style guitar DIY, no screw mounting holes in the side of the plate.
  • SSS(single/single/single coil) style pickguard; No screw mounting holes in the side of the pickguard.
  • Pickguard with a pure aluminum foil shield on the backside, better shielding property, and anti-interference.
  • Material:3ply plate made of 3ply PVC; 4ply plate made of 3ply PVC and 1ply Celluloid material.
  • All materials are environmentally friendly, thermostability, no smell.
  • Excellent product processes ensure the edge of the smooth and structured.
  • Two layers of protective films on the front of pickguards, while using please split it off.
  • Color: White, Black, Cream, Mint Green, Ivory, White Pearl, Black Pearl, Aged Pearl, Red Tortoise, Brown Tortoise Colors are available.
  • Transparent template: transparent PVC, will send together with the pickguard for helping locate positions of screw holes. It can be placed on your old pickguard or guitar body, you can mark the accurate location of the screw holes on the template. Then you can drill holes from the backside of the new pickguard depending on the template. Therefore you could get a new pickguard that matches your guitar perfectly, no longer worry that it doesn't fit!
  • Note: Item's color might be different from the picture because of the aberration.
Package Includes:
  • 1 x Guitar pickguard 
  • 1 x Backplate
  • 2 x Transparent template
  • 25 x Screws

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