Kaine 12 Holes 48 Tone Chromatic Harmonica Key of C Mouth Organ for Jazz Classic Music


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  • Kaine chromatic harmonica, with 12 holes and 48 tones.
  • Thick and non-deformable tones, you can play any complex songs of blues, country, folk, jazz and other styles.
  • Made of high-density parts, which guarantee good air tightness and timbre, more stable and durable.
  • A very good choice for serious learners and players.
  • Key of C .
  • Bass plate: Copper base plate.
  • Reed: Phosphor bronze reed.
  • Middle Body: Quality ABS resin comb.
  • Cover: Silver color.
  • Size: About 143 x 44 x 32mm.
Package Includes:
  • 1 x 12 Hole 48 Tone Harmonica

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