NEW CTS Potentiometer A500K Long Shaft Pot for Guitar Bass


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  • CTS 450G Series A500K Potentiometer .

  • Production Place: CTS  Made In Taiwan .

  • Stipulations:  A Type(Audio Taper) , 450GT36K504B2S is A500K ,Refer to the Data Mark in the Picture .

  • Perfect for Electric Guitar / Bass Pot Parts Replacement or Upgrade .
  • 500k Pot For Instruments With Humbucker Pickup. 

  • Precision Machined Brass Shaft With Minimal Shaft Wobble.

  • Low Noise,Exclusive, Proprietary Anti-Static Lubrication .

  • Smooth Feel Standard Torque.

  • Each Pot Includes: Lock Washer And Nut.


  • 450GT36K504B2S is A500K Pot.

  • Shaft Style: Brass Split Shaft With Coarse Knurling.

  • Shaft Diameter: Approx.6mm.

  • Whole Shaft Height :Approx.19mm.

  • Threaded Shaft Diameter: Approx. 9.4mm.

  • Threaded Shaft Height: Approx. 9.4mm.

  • Base Size: Approx.24mm.

  • Overall Height :Approx.30.3mm

Packing List:

  • 1PCS CTS A500K(450GT36K504B2S) Potentiometer


    Audio Taper (A) increases or decreases in a sloped curve fashion ; Linear Taper (B) increases or decreases in a linear fashion; Audio Taper (A) are always used as Tone and Linear Taper (B) are always used as Volume, but you can use Audio Taper as Volume and Linear Taper as Tone as well, it usually depends on your personal preference.

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