OriPure Loaded Prewired Pickguard SSS Strat with Alnico 5 Single Coil Pickups


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  • Fit for American Standard FD Strat Style Guitar Parts Replacement.
  • 11 Holes SSS Pickguard Comes with Full Set of Pickups,Switch,Knobs and Prewired Circuit.
  • OriPure Alnico 5 Single Coil Pickups, Pole Spacing 52/52/52mm (N/M/B), Resistance:6.6k/6.6k/7.3k (N/M/B).
  • 5-Way Switch.1 Volume 2 Tone Control Knobs ,Use Korean Alpha B500k Pot for Volume,A500k Pots for Tone.
  • Using Braided Fiber Cables,Better Reduce Circuit Noise.
  • All You Have to Do is Solder the Input Jack and Your Ready to Play.

  • Pickguard:11 Holes SSS Pickguard,with Pure Aluminum Foil Shielded on the Backside ,Black and White Pearl Colors for Choose from.
  • Guitar Pickup: Single Coil Pickups,Alnico 5 Magnet,Flat Fixed Pole Pieces,Pole Spacing 52/52/52mm (N/M/B), Resistance:6.6k/6.6k/7.3k (N/M/B).
  • Knob&Pots: 2T1V Knobs,Korean Alpha Pots,A500k Pots for Tone,B500k Pot for Volume.
  • Switch:5-Way Pickup Selector Switch with Cap.
  • Capacitor:223K 400V.
  • Note: The aluminum foil shield on backside is not flat; it is with some creases and patches caused during the processing.

Package Includes:
  • 1 * Prewired SSS Pickguard Set
  • 1 * Screws Bag

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