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Wangs take on a 70's British classic

  • 2 "Sensitivity" (Hi & Low) inputs.
  • Stand-by switch (pretty much on all models).
  • 2x EL84 Shuguang power tubes.
  • 3x 12AX7 Shuguang preamp tubes.
  • Equalization - Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble.
  • Master Volume & Pre-Amp volume.
  • Speaker outs for 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm, and 16 Ohm.
  • Effects loop.
  • Real Leather strap, birch enclosure, hemp front cloth.

Wangs Amplification are based in China and committed to providing excellent vintage tone at a amazing price. They have hand wired, simple yet quality circuits which are really creating a buzz. Learn the Ancient Chinese Secret of amazing tone.

The HW2204 has a ton of range and is great for a range of Rock and Metal genres. Although it's infulenced heavily by the J.C.M 800 series 2204 Marshall it isn't a complete clone - it still has its own characteristics.

It has the standard EQ with presence as well as a master and preamp volume and 3 x 12AX72 x EL34 tubes.

At the back there are options for 4ohm, 8ohm and 16ohm speakers to be connected. There is also the on, and standby switch at the front with red LED light indicator.

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