FLEOR® Pickguard Template List

FLEOR® Pickguard Template List

FLEOR® Pickguard Template List

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1. Strat SSS No Screw Mount Hole (SKU M00213):

FLEOR Strat SSS No Screw Mount Hole Model

2. USA Vintage Strat SSS 8 Hole (SKU M00646):

FLEOR Strat SSS 8 Hole (SKU M00646)

3. American / Mexican Modern Standard Strat SSS 11 Hole (SKU M00327)

FLEOR Strat SSS 11 Hole (SKU M00327)

4. Left Handed Strat SSS 11 Hole  (SKU M00358)

5. 11 Holes Strat SSH (M00691)

6. 11 Holes Strat HSH (M00705 )

7. 11 Holes Strat HH (M00692 )

FLEOR Strat HH M00692

8. Strat Back Plate (M00647)

FLEOR Strat Back Plate M00647

9. Left Handed Strat Back Plate (M00700 )

FLEOR Strat Back Plate Left Handed M00700

10. LP Pickguard (M00682 )

11. LP Guitar Control & Switch Cavity Cover (M00697 )

12. 8 Hole Tele Pickguard (M00648 )

13. Left-Handed 8 Hole Tele Pickguard (M00660 )

14. Nashville Tele Guitar Pickguard (M00693)

15. 72 Tele Deluxe Reissue (M00695 )

16. Tele Thinline 69 Reissue (M00694 )

17.  Mini Humbucker Tele (M00702)

18. Humbucker Tele Pickguard (M00701 )

19. JB Bass Pickguard (M00649 )

20.  JB Bass Pickguard Without truss rod hole  (M00706)

21. PB Bass Pickguard (M00650)

22. PB Bass Pickguard Without truss rod hole (M00707 )

23. Jazzmaster Pickguard (M00651 )

24. Music Man Bass Pickguard (M00324 )

25. SG Pickguard  (M00696 )

26. Full Face SG Classic Style Guitar Pickguard (M00572-1)

27. Full Face SG Guitar Pickguard with bridge mount hole (M00572-2)

28. Jaguar Pickguard (M00652 )




29. Flying V Guitar Pickguard (M00323)


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Hi! I’m looking to get a clear (transparent – no color) pick guard that fits a Squier mini Precision bass. Do you have this pattern and is it available? Thanks!

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson


Do you make a pickguard for a PRS SE ONE with a P90 pickup?

Gene H

Gene Herndon

I would like to get a new pickguard made for a Vox Tempest VII. Would you be able to do that?

Gary Mcnelly

Do you make a squire mustang clasic pickguard ?

Steven Sutton

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