FLEOR Custom Pickguard

FLEOR® Custom Pickguard Instructions

FLEOR® Custom Pickguard Instructions

For several years, FLEOR® has provided many model pickguards and blank pickguard materials for guitar or bass.
Now we also can custom pickguards for people who have a new design or mass production idea.

We Provide Three Custom Service Plans If you can't find a suitable pickguard in FLEOR® pickguards list:

Plan 1: We provide 56 colors of blank pickguard materials, but our most pickguard models only have hot sell colors on sale, if you can't find the color that you like on the sale list, you could choose the service of choose colors.

Plan 2: Modify some details on the FLEOR® pickguard template, like as modify the pickup holes, switch slots, potentiometer holes, mounting screw holes, and pickup height adjustment screw holes.

Plan 3: Custom a new pickguard, you need to provide a CAD drawing, or a scanning full-scale drawing. you can find someone to make it in your local.

Please Mark some details on your size picture:
1. Whether make countersunk holes for pickguard screws ?
2. Whether need to make outside edge completely chamfered 45° or other angles?

We will also give you a price quote based on your outline.

Please understand that we need to 2-7 days to work on it.
But we never compromise on quality and detail.

If you have any questions about the custom pickguard, don't hesitate to contact us directly via email at kelly@iknmusic.com.  


🎸FLEOR® Pickguard Template List, please click here

🎸Custom Pickguards:click here 

🎸56 colors blank pickguard materials : click here 

FLEOR Pickguards Material Details

1. Made of 1Ply PVC Material:

YY-07:White 1Ply :
YY-05: Black 1Ply :
YY-06: Matte Black 1Ply :

2. Made of 3Ply PVC Material:

#YY-01 : White 3Ply (White/Black/White) :

YY-02: Black 3Ply (Black/White/Black)
YY-03: Ivory 3Ply  (Ivory White/Black/White)
YY-04:Cream 3Ply (Cream/Black/Cream)
YY-09:Mint Green 3Ply (Mint Green/Black/Mint Green)
YY-45:Red 3Ply (Red/Black/Red)

3. Made of 4Ply PVC Material:

YY-33: Orange 4Ply (Orange/White/Black/White) :
YY-22:Red 4Ply (Red/White/Black/White) :
YY-23:Yellow 4Ply (Yellow/White/Black/White) :
YY-28:Pink 4Ply (Pink/White/Black/White) :
YY-25:Blue 4Ply (Blue/White/Black/White) :
YY-26:Purple 4Ply (Purple/White/Black/White) :
YY-24:Green 4Ply  (Green/White/Black/White) :

4.Made of 4Ply (1Ply Celluloid & 3Ply PVC) Material 

YY-12 : Red Pearl (Red Pearl/White/Black/White):
YY-10: White Pearl (White Pearl/White/Black/White):
YY-11 : Black Pearl (Black Pearl/Black/White/Black):
YY-13: Gray Pearl (Grey Pearl/Black/White/Black):
YY-14: Aged Pearl (Aged Pearl/Cream/Black/Cream):
YY-18G: Brown Pearl (Brown Pearl/White/Black/White):
YY-15: Blue Pearl  (Blue Pearl/White/Black/White):
YY-55:Purple Pearl  (Purple Pearl/White/Black/White):
YY-16: Green Pearl  (Green Pearl/White/Black/White):
YY-58: Golden Pearl  (Golden Pearl/White/Black/White):
YY-20:Vintage Mint Green Pearl  (Vintage Mint Green Pearl/Mint Green/Black/Mint Green):
YY-46:Pink Pearl  (Pink Pearl/Red/Black/Red):
YY-57:Light Pink Pearl  (Light Pink Pearl/White/Black/White):

YY-56: Light Blue Pearl  (Light Blue Pearl/White/Black/White):
YY-31G:Red Tortoise  (Red Tortoise/White/Black/White):
YY-32G:Brown Tortoise  (Brown Tortoise/White/Black/White):
YY-66:Tortoise Shell  (Tortoise Shell/White/Black/White):

YY-42:Tiger Stripe Tiger  (Stripe/White/Black/White):
YY-60: Red/Yellow Shell  (Red+Yellow Shell/White/Black/White):
YY-62:Blue+Yellow Shell  (Blue+Yellow Shell/White/Black/White):
YY-64:Green+Light Yellow+Black Stripe  (Green+Light Yellow+Black Stripe/White/Black/White):
YY-68:Tawny Stripe  (Tawny Stripe/White/Black/White):
YY-65:Orange Shell  (Orange Shell/White/Black/White):
YY-67:Black Agate  (Black Agate/White/Black/White):
YY-41:Boa Stripe  (Boa Stripe/White/Black/White):

YY-40:Zebra Stripe (Zebra Stripe/White/Black/White):

YY-63:Red/Green Stripe  (Red/Green Stripe/White/Black/White):
YY-61: Golden+Yellow Stripe  (Golden+Yellow Stripe/White/Black/White):
YY-47:Abalone Pearl  (Abalone Pearl/Black/White/Black):


5. Made of 1Ply Acrylic Material:

 YY-54:Transparent 1Ply :


YY-52: Blue Mirror 1Ply :

YY-51:Red Mirror 1Ply :


YY-50:Silver Mirror 1Ply :

YY-53:Golden Mirror 1Ply :

YY-70:Sparkle Silver 1Ply :

YY-71:Sparkle Golden 1Ply :



YY-72 : Purple Shell 1Ply :


YY-73 : White Shell 1Ply :


YY-74 : Blue Shell 1Ply :

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yes best that i have ever seen greatest

Ernest Flanagan , dr joliet,il 60431

I am very impressed with the range of color choices you offer for pickguards.

Gary Marshall

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