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OriPure OA-H15 15W All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

OriPure OA-H15 15W All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

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  • Versatile Sound: The 15W Tube Guitar Amplifier Head features two preamp stages controlled by GAIN/VOLUME knobs, delivering clear tones to OverDrive sounds. With 1W/15W switch and high/medium/low EQ controls, it offers a wide range of sound customization for different needs.
  • High-Quality Handcrafted Output Transformer: The output transformer is handcrafted with a paper insulation process, which reduces stray capacitance and increases resonant frequency, leading to better high-frequency response and transparent sound. The use of Grain-Oriented Silicon Steel (35Z155-0.35) increases inductance and improves low-frequency performance.
  • Single-Ended Output Stage: The Single Ended Output Stage provides a clean, stable, and moderately powered sound, which is perfect for each player's use.
  • Durable Aluminum Casing: The amplifier head is housed in a sturdy and stylish cast-aluminum casing, ensuring its durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Convenient Controls: The amplifier head features easy-to-use controls including a single channel, 1 x 12AX7 (ECC83) preamp tube, 2 x EL84 power tube, along with knobs for volume, gain, high, middle, and low, and output jacks for 8Ω/16Ω.


  • Model:OA-H15.
  • Power: 15W / 15-Watt.
  • Preamp tube: 1 x 12AX7 (ECC83).
  • Power tube: 2 x EL84.
  • Power Switch: 1W / 15W.
  • Channels: Single Channel
  • Controls: Volume/Gain/Treble/Middle/Bass
  • Gain Control: Lower gain settings produce clean tones, while higher gain settings result in overdriven tones.
  • Standby Mode Control: The OFF position puts the amplifier in standby mode, with only the filaments heated and no high voltage applied, while the ON position is for normal operation
  • Outputs: 8Ω/16Ω
  • Jack: 1-megohm high-impedance 6.35mm input jack
  • Power Selector Switch: Switch between 110V and 220V power voltage, please choose the right voltage firstly.
  • AC Power Plug Type: US /EU/CN Plugs for choose.


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Customer Reviews

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What a great amp!

I was searching for a micro tube amplifier and wasn't really too keen on purchasing one of the standard amps available on the market. After having stumbled across this eye catcher on the OriPure website, I immediately purchased the 5 watt version. I've been playing this amp now for a couple of weeks under various conditions and this critter exceeds my expectations. It also works perfectly fine with effect pedals too. Since I've blown the rectifier (6Z4 Ch), I took the opportunity to also exchange the pre- and power-tubes (which per default are from PSVANE) with other fabrics which again to my surprise give additional noticable possibilities to individualize the sound. I would also like to mention that the housing, the transformers and the potentiometers are far from looking or feeling cheap, like comparable micro tube amplifiers on the market! For this reason, 100 % satisfaction is absolutely legitimate. By the way, three musician friends are also going to purchase this amp as well.

Brilliant Amp Head

This 5 watt sounds amazing for its size, I like the I can switch between 8 and 16ohm’s it makes this amp extremely versatile. It’s also very compact, I can put it in a small carry bay and carry it to a live, practice or recording situation with ease. I’m so impressed with the 5 watt head that I’ve just ordered the 15 watt version. I’d rate these amps a 10/10 due to their great sound & versatility