Alice AM08 Mandolin Strings Set Plated Steel & Silver-Plated Copper Wound Strings Super Light Tension


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  • Professional Alice AM08 Mandolin Strings Set suit for 23"-30" Mandolin.
  • Super light tension(.010 .014 .024 .034) ,great choice for students and regularly gigging players .
  • Plated Steel.
  • Hexagonal Core.
  • Silver-Plated Copper Wound.
  • Micro-thin proprietary anti-rust coat to keep finger oils, dirt and grime at bay for longer.
  • E(2) Nickel-Plated Steel .010inch/0.25mm.
  • A(2) Nickel-Plated Steel .014inch/0.36mm.
  • D(2) Silver-Plated Copper Wound .024inch/0.61mm.
  • G(2) Silver-Plated Copper Wound .034inch/0.86mm.
Package List:
  • 1 x Mandolin String Set

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