Alice Classical Guitar Strings Set A107BK-H Black Nylon & Gold Plated Copper Alloy Wound Strings


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  • Alice Classical guitar strings set A107BK-H.
  • Made of high-quality nylon & coated copper alloy.
  • The tone is rich and warm with abundant harmonics.
  • Sound is clear and bright.
  • Each string comes in an individual package and are placed together in a bag.
  • Material: black nylon and gold-plated copper alloy wound.
  • E string (1st): 0.0285"(0.72mm) black nylon.
  • B string (2nd): 0.0325"(0.83mm) black nylon.
  • G string (3rd): 0.041"(1.04mm) black nylon.
  • D string (4th): 0.030"(0.76mm) gold-plated copper alloy wound.
  • A string (5th): 0.036"(0.916mm) gold-plated copper alloy wound.
  • E string (6th): 0.044"(1.12mm) gold-plated copper alloy wound.
  • Package size: 11.4 * 11.2 * 0.5cm.
  • Package weight: 26g / 0.9oz.
Package Including:
  • 1 Classical Guitar String Set

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