FLEOR Full Face SG Guitar Pickguard Scratch Plate 3Ply PVC w/Screws for SG Guitar Parts , Black/White Available


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  • Normally fits for SG style full face guitar pickguard replacement. (We have shown the dimensions for reference.)
  • Material: made of 3ply PVC material.
  • With PAF Humbucker pickup holes, and 11 screws holes on the side of the pickguard.
  • Color: Black / White Color are available.
  • With protective film on the surface, while using please split it off.

Note:Please note the item can not fit all SG Guitars. Due to the wide variety of this type of pickguards, please confirm the dimension photo showed for a reference.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x SG guitar pickguard
  • 25 x Screws

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