FLEOR Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup High Output Ceramic Pickup,Neck/Bridge


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  • 100% new and test good!
  • The Humbuckers are the ultimate humbucker for high output and clarity ,it will make your guitar come alive.
  • Each pickup has 12 adjustable hexagonal screw pole pieces so you can dial them in exactly where you want them.
  • Passive pickup ,4 Conductors can be switched to single .
  • Fully wax potted and sealed.
  • Position:Neck / Bridge Pickup are available.
  • Color:Black / White colors are available.
  • Magnet: Ceramic Magnet .
  • Resistance: 7-8K (Neck); 13-14K(Bridge) .
  • Hole spacing: 50mm(Neck); 52mm(Bridge) .
  • N represents Neck ,B represents Bridge.
  • One Pickup Includes 2 x Screws and 2 x Springs.

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