FLEOR Open 4 String Bass Pickup Alnico 5 JB Pickup Black for Electric Bass Parts


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  • Open Style Bass Pickup For 4 String JB Bass Style or similar bass guitar pickup replacement.
  • Magnet:Alnico V (Alnico 5). Alnico 5 magnets for more focus and enhanced dynamics.
  • Position:Neck Pickup /Bridge Pickup are available.
  • Pole Pieces: Solid Flat Pole Pieces.
  • Pole Spacing: 62.5mm(neck). 65mm(bridge)
  • Resistance: 6-7K(neck). 6.5-7.5K(bridge) .
  • Cover:Black Plastic Split Cover.
  • Cable : 2 Wax Potted Braided Cloth Cable.
  • Neck(Short) Size:92mm*19mm(including ear 29mm)*19mm.
  • Bridge (Long) Size:95mm*19mm(including ear 29mm)*19mm.
  • One pickup includes 4 screws and 4 springs,easy to install.
  • Color:Black.

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