FLEOR Vintage Alnico 5 Soapbar P 90 P90 Guitar Pickup for P90 Guitar Accessories


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  • Soap Bar P-90 P90 Guitar Pickup.
  • Standard size and format, suitable for LP P90 Style Electric Guitar Parts Replacement.
  • The P90 delivers a fatter sound similar to a humbucker but retains the brightness and clarity of a single-coil unit.
  • Alnico V (Alnico 5) magnets with adjustable poles, come with metal braided wire.
  • Wax potted to eliminate any unwanted feedback and noise.
  • One pickup includes 2 screws and 2 springs, easy to install.
  • Position: Neck / Bridge Pickup is Available.
  • Color: Cream Yellow / Black/Chrome Colors are Available.
  • Pole-Pieces: Flat Top (Adjustable Screws).
  • Pole Spacing: Neck 50mm, Bridge 52mm.
  • Resistance: 6-7K.
  • Cover: Plastic Soap Bar.
  • Base Plate: Brass.
  • Output: Metal Braided Wire.
  • Size:85mm*34.2mm*16mm (L*W*H) .

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