Oripure Alnico 2 Electric Guitar Pickup Humbucker Pickup for LP SG Style Guitar


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  • Fit for LP SG style electric guitar replacement and upgrading.
  • Model: PHL-2N (neck)/ PHL-2B (bridge).
  • Position: Neck / Bridge Pickup for choose from.
  • Tones Features: Solid, plumb and and husky sound; classic double-coil pickup tone.
  • Fully wax potted and sealed.
  • Each pickup includes screws and springs.
  • Magnet: Alnico 2.
  • Pole Pieces: 6 Adjustable Screw Pole Pieces.
  • Pole Spacing: 50mm (neck); 52mm (bridge).
  • Resistance: about 7.4K (neck) / 8.6K (bridge).
  • Baseplate: White Copper Alloy Baseplate.
  • Output: 4 Wires.
  • Color: Chrome.

Note: All parameters are just for reference, the actual effect would be different from different guitars or related equipments.
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